Digital Marketing Stats

Digital Marketing Stats

Below are some helpful stats regarding Digital Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Social media, Lead gen and more. Many of these were collected by HubSpot, but unfortunately they don’t update them or include new ones (which I do.) If you have a stat you think is important to include, please email it to me and I’ll add […]

Growing Your Email List

It can be complicated finding good ways to grow your email distribution list. You should always avoid ‘tricking’ the user into joining your mailing list with tactics like spammy surveys/quizzes or auto subscribing users in any way. Who wants a list full of people who don’t want your emails/content anyway? Not to mention, it can […]

Google Algorithm Update June 2013

Google Algorithm Update June 2013

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Search Spam confirmed via tweet today that an update is indeed underway. He has not confirmed if it’s related to Panda or an update to the somewhat unclean Payday Algorithm. It likely is in response to some spammy looking web results. Matt stated “Yup we saw that. Multi-week rollout going […]

SEO – 10 Tips Writing Content That Ranks!

SEO Copywriting Tips

10 Helpful Tips to consider when writing content to show search engines you are an authority on a subject, service, or product that can drive traffic to your site and improve rankings.

5 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheets

When starting a social media campaign, not only should you include information about your business but also make sure to upload great looking images. Unfortunately, not all social networks have the same image dimensions requirements. These 5 cheat sheets save you time optimizing your images for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more: Facebook […]

Periodic Table Of SEO

Periodic Table Of SEO

This is a nice table of ranking factors of On- and Off-page SEO. Click The Image For Full Size This was created by Search Engine Land, Column Five, and Third Door Media. – Mark Tillman

The Evolution of SEO

In the beginning of 2012 many people could quickly get a site ranking by submitting it to programs that listed them with lots of very low quality directories. The tactics were simple and quick. Google devalued all these low quality sources for links and many sites saw their rankings tank overnight. Strategy today should be […]